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You are here: Home » Products » Agricultural Machinery and Tractor Implements » Harrow » 1BJ Double-Flap Hydraulic Offset Middle-duty Disc Harrow
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1BJ Double-Flap Hydraulic Offset Middle-duty Disc Harrow

1. With strengthened tubular harrow frames;
2. Used for superficial plowing, soil lump breaking and crop residues;
3. Wider harrowing width during working and folding structure.
  • 1BJ

1BJ Series Folding Middle Disc Harrow, with strengthened tubular harrow frames, are used for superficial plowing, soil lump breaking, crop residues and plant roots smashing and mixing into soil as green manures, for preparation of soil before sowing. This series of disc harrows have wide harrowing width during working and folding structure faciliates harrow's transportation when after harrowing. This disc harrow's manual opetrating folding has competitive price advantage.

1. 32×32 square harrow shaft used, 300mm spacing between discs, matching 7.00-9 tires;
2. High Carbon disc blade hardness: 38-44 HRC, assuring the toughness and wear ability of disc blade;
3. With wide harrowing width and even harrowing effect;
4. Tubular structure with high-strength steel harrow beam used, more durable in harrowing work;
5. Adopting manual operating to achieve disk harrow’s folding, reducing hydraulic folding’s cost, having good and competitive price;
6. Wheels linking to hydraulic cylinder and harrow’s wing-folded structure facilitate harrow maneuvers, disc depth control and harrow transportation over long distance.

Model 1BJ-3.0 1BJ-3.4 1BJ-4.0 1BJ-4.4 1BJ-5.3
Working width(m) 3.0 3.4 4.0 4.4 5.3
Working depth(mm) 140 140 140 140 140
No. of disc 28 32 36 40 48
Disc diameter 22’’ 22’’ 22’’ 22’’ 22’’
Weight(kg) 1300 1400 1700 1750 2300
Tractor power(hp) 80-100 100-120 100-120 120-140 140-160
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