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1BQD Opposed Light-duty Disc Harrow

1. With compact structure design;
2. Used for ground breaking-up;
3. Soil lump smashing and crop residues mixing into soil as green manures.

  • 1BQD
1BQD Series Light Duty Contrapositive Offset Disc Harrow, with compact structure design, is used for ground breaking-up, soil lump smashing and crop residues mixing into soil as green manures. This series harrows perform excellently in small area that are difficult to harrow and with steep slopes. 


1. 28×28 square harrow shaft used, 165mm spacing between discs;
2. High Carbon disc blade hardness: 38-44 HRC, assuring the toughness and wear ability of disc blade;
3. Compact harrow structure, convenient for assembly and adjustment;
4. High harrowing speed and efficiency when three point mounted with tractor rear;
5. Especially performing well in rugged land with more steep slopes;
6. Harrow’s opposing structure designing facilitates deep and thorough harrowing.


Model                                  1BQD-1.6 1BQD-2.0 1BQD-2.4 1BQD-3.0 1BQD-3.6
Working width(m) 1.6 2.0 2.4 3.0 3.6
Working depth(mm 100-140 100-140 100-140 100-140 100-140
No. of disc 16 20 24 28 36
Disc diameter 18’’ 18’’ 18’’ 18’’ 18’’
Weight(kg) 330 380 440 510 580
Tractor power(hp 30 45 60 60-70 70-80
Lingkage Standard three point mounted

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