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2BXF Wheat Planter

1. 2BXF series is multifunction seeder;
2. Combined functions of leveling, furrowing, sowing and fertilizering;
3. It is applicable for the plains and hilly areas.
2BXF Wheat Planter Cum Fertilizer Drill is a multifunction seeder,combine the function of leveling, furrowing, sowing, fertilizering, covering at the same time. This Wheat Planter can be hitched to a tractor of 15-90 HP. It drills seeds and fertilizer together but delivers them separately in a single drive. Seeds and Fertilizer are drilled at different depths thus improves germination. 

Technique parameter:
1. The sowing and fertilizing quantity of this wheat planter is adjustable. 
2. This wheat drill seeder can level ground, furrow ground, sow seeds, fertilizer, cover soil at the same time. 
3. This type of wheat planter cum fertilizer applicable for the plains and hilly areas.
Model 2BXF-9 2BXF-12 2BXF-14 2BXF-16 2BXF-18
Seeding rows 9 12 14 16 18
Weight(kg) 220 260 310 360 1200
Power(hp) 12-20 20-25 25-35 35-50 35-60
Rows spacing(mm) 150 150 150 150 150
Opening share of seeding and fertilizing Double-disc types
Depth of seeding(mm) 20-50
Fertilizing depth(mm) 60-80

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