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You are here: Home » Products » Agricultural Machinery and Tractor Implements » Seeder & Planter » 2BXYF Wheat/Corn Planter and Precision Seeder
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2BXYF Wheat/Corn Planter and Precision Seeder

1. Matched with the tractor with 12-18 horse power;
2. Be suitable for both fertilizing and seeding;
3. Be suitable for both the wheat and corn fields.
  • 2BXYF
The wheat (corn) combined seeder of the series, a planting machine matching with the tractor with 12-18 horse power, is suitable for the fertilizing and seeding in the wheat and corn fields in the plain and hilly areas. The machine has the advantages of good versatility, wide application range, even broadcasting, etc.
Model Unit 2BXYF-3/9 2BXYF-4/12
Weight Kg 145 190
Row spacing mm 150-240 150-240
Seeding lines / 3/9 4/12
Ditching depth mm 60-80 60-80
Sowing depth mm 30-50 30-50
Work efficiency ha/h 0.2-0.3 0.3-0.4
Seeding quantity per Mu Kg 1.5-40 1.5-50
Fertilizing quantity per Mu Kg 0-75 0-90
Matches power Kw 8.8-13.2 11-13.2

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