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You are here: Home » Products » Agricultural Machinery and Tractor Implements » Cultivator » 3ZF-6 Cultivator Dressing Machine
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3ZF-6 Cultivator Dressing Machine

1. It is matched with wheeled tractor;
2. It can perform cultivating and cutting straw;
3. It can also perform deep arranging, fertilizing, hilling, ditching, etc.
It is matched with wheeled tractor. being changed different working parts, It can perform cultivating, cutting straw, deep arranging, fertilizing, hilling, ditching, etc. Its row space, Cultivating depth, fertilizing weight, etc. all can be adjusted in bigger scope. Its construction is rational, using and servicing is facility.
Overall dimensions (mm)                                                                                              4600×1730×350                                                           
Power (KW)                                                                                                            40~73                                                                                                                     
Tilling width (cm) 460                                                                                                           
Number of rows 6
Spacing (cm) 45-70
Distributing device form Slot wheel outside
Fertilizer box volume (L) 70×3
Working depth (mm) 30~120
Working speed (km/h) 7~10
Pure work hours production (hm2/h) 1.6~2.0

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