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4LZ-3.0 Wheat Combine Harvester

1. It is used to harvest wheat, rice and soybean.
2. It can also cut and thresh the crops.

  • 4LZ-3.0
Item Techinical Specifications
Feeding amount(kg/s)                                         3~5
Cutting width(mm)                                       2360
Minimum ground clearance (mm)                         250
Structure & type                                                    wheeled self-propelled full feeding   
Supportive power (KW)                                  67
Throughput of working hour (hm2/h)                    1.12
Fuel consumption per hectare (kg/hm2)               11.95
Advancing speed during work (km/h)                    3.437.61
External dimension (mm)                        6360×2710×3220
Structural mass (kg)                                 4750
Loss ratio (%)                      wheat 1.5, paddy 3
Breakage ratio (%)   2
Type horizontal axial flow shaft
Unloading method Screw mechanical self-unloading
Wheel tread (mm) 2592

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