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9GB Alfalfa Lawn Mower

1. Suitable for mowing all types of hay crops;
2. Mowing pond dams, road banks, under fences and terraces;
3. Clipping pastures and much more.
  • 9GB
This sickle-bar mower  perfect for mowing all types of hay crops, mowing pond dams, road banks, under fences, terraces, clipping pastures and much more. The sickle cutter bar mower has a completely redesigned cutter-bar that enable a quickly replacement of the double-guards.

1. Double knife cutterbars have the advantage of a dynamic balance achieved by having two exactly similar knives reciprocate in opposited irections thereby generating less vibration than single knife cutter bars;
2. Cutter-b ar mowers tend to clog up under dense grass therefore operated in low forward speed;
3. Low power requirement in 15-30hp tractor;
4. Prising up the cutter-bar from external side;
5. Working inclined cutter-bar position +90°/60°.
Item 9GB-1.4 9GB-1.6 9GB-1.8 9GB-2.1
Working width(mm) 1400 1600 1800 2100
Stubble height(mm) 50~60 50-60 50-60 50-60
Weight(kg) 180 190 200 220
Matched power 15hp 18hp 20hp 25hp
Linkage Standard three-point mounted

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