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SX Snow Sweeper

1.Compact structure, flexible attaching, easy assembling and disassembling.
2.Strengthened structure design, fast moving speed and high working efficiency.
3.PTO in a straight line under working condition, with low wear and power consumption.
4.Brush combined with PP and steel wire, with good abrasion-resistance and high toughness.
5.Brush made by one time stamping, hardened structure, reasonable arrangement, cost saving and excellent sweeping effectiveness.
6.Brush roller connected by flange, convenient disassembling  and maintenance .
Model  3-point Hifched SX150 SX165 SX180 SX210
 Tractor Front Mounted SX150-F SX165-F SX180-F SX210-F
Matching Tractor (HP) 20 〜40 40 〜60 50 〜80 70 〜100
Valid Sweeping Width (30°) 1500 1650 1800 2100
 Brush Roller Length (mm) 1740 1910 2100 2450
Swing Angle 3-point Hifched 30。(Right Direction)
 Tractor Front Mounted —30°〜30°Hydraulic Swing (option )
 Brush Dia. (mm) 500
Roller Driven Type  3-point Hifched PTO Driven
Tractor Front Mounted  Hydraulic Motor
Sweeping Efficiency 5〜15 (Km/h)

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