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Wood Splitter


Wood Splitter


With horizontal or vertical positioning when splitting, the 3-point linkage mounted log splitter is ideal for making logs more manageable and preparing fire wood and fence stumps.


Hydraulic operation makes wood splitting easy and safe;
Horizontal or vertical positioning;
Wide blade for multiple log splitting;
Easy for one person to operate


Splitter Specifications
Model WX350 WX310 WX410
Cylinder Diameter 4" 4" 4"
Cylinder Stroke 24" 24" 24"
Splitting Force @ 3000 psi 20 ton/31 ton 20 ton/31 ton 20 ton/31 ton
Splitter Orientation Vertical Horizontal Horizontal
Avg. Stroke Cycle Time Approx. 7 secs Approx. 7 secs Approx. 7 secs
Full Stroke Cycle Time Approx. 14 secs Approx. 14 secs Approx. 14 secs
Weight 239 lbs. 220 lbs. 339 lbs.
Dimensions (L x W x H inches) 1720mmx830mmx610mm
68 in x 33 in x 24 in
67 inx 31.5 inx 21.5 in
73 inx48 inx 21 in
Recom. Min. Hyd. Flow 16Mpa 16Mpa 16Mpa

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