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  • [Company News] Corn Combine Harvester

    As my country’s largest food crop, corn has an important strategic position in ensuring my country’s food security. Among the three major food crops in my country, the chance of corn yield has been low. Whether in hilly areas or plains, many areas still There is a phenomenon of manual harvesting.

  • [Industry News] The Tractor Pulled the Load Car into the Field

    On 28th, October, the Agricultural Machinery Test and Appraisal General Station of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Power Machinery Division of the Agricultural Mechanization Technology Development and Extension General Station carried out field traction performance tests.

  • [Industry News] Rice Production Escorted by Drones

    Right now, it is the season when most rice is harvested. The rice fields that have been reasonably selected by technicians, scientifically measured yields, and have been comprehensively managed by drones + customized rice pest control programs have increased yields by 10% per mu.

  • [Industry News] Grain Harvesting Leads the High-Quality Development of the Corn Industry

    Maize is the grain crop with the largest planting area and the largest total output in my country. Properly focusing on corn production plays an important role in ensuring my country’s grain self-sufficiency and national food security.

  • [Industry News] 2020 Agricultural Machinery Quality Survey Work Analysis Meeting Held in Inner Mongolia

    Entrusted by the Department of Agricultural Mechanization Management of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, on October 12, the Agricultural Machinery Test and Appraisal General Station of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

  • [Industry News] Weapon! When and How Do You Harvest Corn?

    In 2020, Northeast China was hit by a typhoon. Many farmers are wondering whether it is better to harvest corn manually or mechanically? When to harvest corn is also a difficult thing for us.This year's corn has a low accumulated temperature due to rainy days and insufficient light.

  • [Industry News] Xinjiang Enters the Cotton Harvest Period

    National Day is approaching, Xinjiang, my country's main cotton-producing area, has a bumper cotton harvest. The cotton areas in the north and south of Tianshan have "white waves", and they have entered the concentrated picking period.

  • [Industry News] The Ministry of Agriculture Held a Meeting to Study Harvest Autumn Grain

    On September 18, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs held a deployment meeting for autumn grain harvesting and loss reduction in Beijing. The meeting emphasized that to further improve the efficiency of mechanized harvesting and reduce the losses in the harvesting process.

  • [Industry News] Promote Agricultural Transformation and Upgrading

    The development of "Internet + Agriculture" is an important starting point in the agricultural and rural areas, and it is also an innovative measure to deepen the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy and promote the digital transformation of agriculture and rural areas.

  • [Industry News] Plant- Protection Drones Carry Out Rice Pest Control

    In order to effectively prevent and control diseases and insect pests, and ensure a high yield of grain, the Bureau of Agriculture has repeatedly dispatched plant protection drones to carry out "flying prevention" operations, and strive to win the battle against rice diseases and insect pests.

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