Strengthen the Construction of Agricultural Machinery, Promote Agricultural Mechanization and Transformation

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The 2021 year is special, and it is extremely important to do a good job in food production. The Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs is focusing on improving the capabilities of "mechanical harvesting and reducing damage", "agricultural machinery disaster prevention and mitigation", "smart agricultural machinery + smart agriculture" and other aspects of promoting the mechanization of crop production. Continue to promote agricultural mechanization and transformation and upgrading of agricultural machinery and equipment, and make new contributions to comprehensively promoting rural revitalization and accelerating agricultural and rural modernization.

1. Improve the level of grain mechanization to ensure stable grain production and income

Consolidate the country's first to basically realize the achievements of the establishment of a demonstration city for mechanized production of major crops, keep an eye on major food crops such as wheat and corn, and go all out to do a good job in the organization and management of mechanized production. The first is to do a good job in the maintenance of agricultural machinery to ensure that the farming time is not missed. The second is to do a good job of technical guidance and service guarantee for "agricultural machinery disaster prevention and mitigation" to ensure the smooth progress of agricultural production. Carry out agricultural machinery disaster prevention and mitigation and practical technical training to improve driving skills. The third is to focus on the reduction and loss of grain machinery to ensure high grain yield and increase income. Establish the concept that loss is increased income.

2. Improve the level of agricultural machinery equipment and promote agricultural mechanization

Consolidate the achievements of the province's first to achieve full coverage of agricultural mechanization demonstration counties, vigorously promote new agricultural mechanization technologies, promote the transformation and upgrading of agricultural machinery equipment, promote the deep integration of agricultural machinery and clothing, and improve the quality of agricultural mechanization development.

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