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The Voice of Agricultural Machinery

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The Voice of Agricultural Machinery

In recent years, as the country has gradually increased its investment in agricultural and rural development, and with the development of agricultural modernization, new machinery and equipment have emerged in an endless stream, old machinery and equipment have also been continuously innovated. The role of agricultural machinery in agricultural modernization is increasingly evident. To promote large-scale agricultural production, agricultural machinery is indispensable; and to develop the growth of new agricultural business entities, agricultural machinery can not be lacking; besides, the development of green agricultural production of agricultural machinery is able to demonstrate its unique role and status. However, the shortcomings of the lack of independent research and weak innovation capacity of some agricultural machinery enterprises in China have also become increasingly prominent. The mid-range agricultural machinery products can no longer meet the market demand, then the agricultural machinery industry “appeals” high-end intelligent agricultural machinery products to fill the vacancies. Until now, large-scale, high-end, and intelligent farm machinery products that meet the needs of modern agricultural development are becoming “new darlings” in the market.

In the field of agriculture, tractor plays an indispensable role. All kinds of agricultural machinery need the tractor's traction to operate. It can be said that the tractor is the main force in the entire agricultural machinery operation process. Agricultural machinery is also a representative of advanced agricultural productivity. It is not only a sign of the modernization of agricultural production conditions and production methods, but also a vehicle and means to ensure the realization of various agricultural new technological revolutions. At present, the lack of effective supply of new technologies and equipment for agricultural machinery in China is the biggest “short board” and “bottleneck” in the current development of agricultural machinery.

Faced with a series of structural contradictions in China, such as the lack of high-end products in China's agricultural machinery products, overcapacity and co-existence of lack of doors, and the need for improved adaptability of machine tools, insufficient integration of agricultural machinery and agrotechnical integration, and the formulation of targeted agricultural machinery. Agronomic promotion programs are one of the most important ways to increase the level of agricultural mechanization in all regions. The fundamental measure for improving the efficiency of agricultural production is to adopt a modern agricultural production and management model such as large-scale operations, standardized planting, mechanized operation, and standardized management, then gradually replace the traditional one-person household peasant economy.

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