Agricultural Drone Is A New Direction of Plant Protection Machinery
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Agricultural Drone Is A New Direction of Plant Protection Machinery

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Agricultural Drone Is A New Direction of Plant Protection Machinery

In China, policies are an important factor in promoting market development, especially in the field of agricultural drones, similar to Japan, China is also led by the government and continues to promote it.

It is understood that the low degree of mechanization of plant protection in China and the slow process are mainly due to the high demands of mechanization on plant protection links. When crops are in the growth stage, if the plant protection technology is not over, the result will be devastating. Before plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles did not appear, mainly artificial and ground-walking plant protection machines were mainly used. However, the operation efficiency was extremely low when the artificial control operations were performed, and the high-tap crops were very difficult; the physical destruction occurred when the ground-moving plant protection machinery was operated. The rate is too high, and problems such as mountain and hilly areas cannot be reached, even if the use of manned aircraft spraying pesticides, the full implementation of the cost and geographical conditions is also very difficult.

The adaptability of drone operations is very strong, and it is not affected by the topography and environment of the mountains, planting methods, and the factors of plant height, and can solve the difficult work problems very effectively. Without the restriction of crop growth, it can solve the problem which is difficult for ground machinery to operate in the middle and late stages of crop growth. especially in areas with inaccessible traffic, sparse population, or serious internal hail in hilly areas. In fact it is difficult for ground machinery to enter operations. While aviation operations can solve this problem well.

China's agricultural plant protection drones started in 2004 under the Ministry of Science and Technology's 863 program, and the main research and test tasks undertaken by the Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture.The Central Document No. 1 has focused on the issue of agriculture, rural areas and farmers for 13 consecutive years. The theme for three consecutive years has been to accelerate agricultural modernization, and has clearly stated that “we must strengthen the construction of agricultural aviation” and provide a major opportunity for plant protection and drones. Drones have become a new direction for plant protection equipment.


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