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  • Production is Progressing Smoothly, and the Annual Grain Harvest is Imminent

    In the golden autumn in October, the agricultural production of the "Three Autumns" entered the peak period. Various agricultural machinery and equipment such as corn harvesters, rice harvesters, tractors, and seeders shuttled between the golden fields.

  • Vegetable Transplanting Mechanization

    In recent years, my country has vigorously promoted new agricultural machinery, new technologies and new concepts. Vegetable planting has developed from the initial artificial seedling transplanting to the mechanized seedling transplanting.

  • New Breakthrough in Rapeseed Blanket Seedling Transplanter

    After 12 years of hard work, the research team in my country has innovated the transplanting method of cutting the blanket seedlings into pieces and planting the seedlings on the seam and the integrated tillage and planting operation mode, and created the combined tillage and planting.

  • Technical Key Points of Three Mechanized Sowing Types of Rapeseed

    "Technical Guidance for Mechanization of Rapeseed Production in Southern Winter Idle Fields" aims to promote the mechanized development of rapeseed production, strengthen the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, promote the improvement of the level of mechanized operations, and support the expansion of rapeseed with mechanized power.

  • Agricultural Machinery is Expected to Promote the Natural Rubber Industry’s Sustainable Development

    Natural rubber is a global bulk industrial raw material with dual attributes of industrial products and agricultural products. It is listed as the four major industrial raw materials alongside petroleum, steel and coal. It is an indispensable strategic material for economic construction.

  • 2022 Global Digital Economy Conference Smart Agriculture Forum Held in Beijing

    On July 28, the "2022 Global Digital Economy Conference Smart Agriculture Forum" opened at the National Convention Center in Chaoyang District, Beijing. With the theme of "promoting the construction of smart agriculture and promoting the digital transformation of the entire agricultural industry.

  • Unmanned Four-Wheel Independent Electric Drive High Ground Clearance Sprayer is Available

    In the on-site meeting held at the Jiangsu Baima Smart Farm Demonstration Base, a new type of unmanned four-wheel independent electric drive high ground clearance sprayer was displayed.In view of the problem that the chassis of the sprayer with high ground clearance is easy to fall into mud.

  • More Than Half of the Early Rice Harvested in Hubei

    In the past few days, early rice production areas in Hubei have successively opened sickles. At present, the harvest progress is more than halfway through, and the overall progress is smooth. It is expected to achieve a new round of bumper harvest following the good news of the wheat harvest.

  • Use of Herbicides for Soybean and Corn Ribbon Compound Planting

    From July 6th to 9th, Wang Fengle, the leader of the sixth research and guidance group of the Plantation Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, went to Inner Mongolia to investigate the use and phytotoxicity of soybean and corn ribbon compound planting.

  • Announcement of Beidou Agricultural Machinery Automatic Driving System

    According to the requirements of the Hubei Provincial Agricultural Mechanization Technology Promotion General Station "Notice on Carrying out the Selection of Beidou Agricultural Machinery Remote Operation and Maintenance Terminal and Agricultural Machinery Automatic Driving System".

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