Carry out Maintenance Work of Agricultural Machinery

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In order to do a good job in the safety production of agricultural machinery at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, prevent and reduce agricultural machinery accidents, the Agricultural Machinery Center actively communicates with various distribution companies, agricultural machinery maintenance outlets and agricultural machinery cooperatives, and makes full use of the favorable winter slack time to do a good job in the maintenance of agricultural machinery in winter. Maintenance work lays a solid foundation for creating a safe and harmonious atmosphere for agricultural production at the end of the year.

   The first is to strengthen the maintenance and management of agricultural machinery and the construction of maintenance points, and resolutely eliminate hidden dangers of accidents. Supervise and urge agricultural machinery maintenance outlets to standardize the establishment of safe operation, quality commitments and maintenance accounts, and pay attention to the standardized construction of agricultural machinery maintenance outlets. At the same time, focus on inspections of winter machine maintenance safety, electricity safety, fuel safety, and fire safety, etc., and comprehensive investigation and governance The hidden dangers of agricultural machinery maintenance and safety production will plug the loopholes in agricultural machinery maintenance safety supervision.

   The second is to do a good job in the maintenance of agricultural machinery and improve the level of agricultural machinery maintenance equipment and service capabilities. Actively mobilize agricultural machinery maintenance outlets and agricultural machinery cooperatives to carry out winter agricultural machinery maintenance work in a timely manner, supervise agricultural machinery dealers and maintenance outlets, prepare enough agricultural machinery repair parts, organize personnel to carry out supervision, management and technical guidance, and integrate agricultural machinery maintenance guidance services throughout the work Each link.

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