Continuous innovation is the key to the golden opportunity of agricultural machinery
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Continuous innovation is the key to the golden opportunity of agricultural machinery

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Continuous innovation is the key to the golden opportunity of agricultural machinery

Under our agricultural policy, sale of Chinese agricultural production maintain an increase of about 20% in recent years, showing a steady development trend for the healthy development of agricultural machinery market.


China's agricultural machinery industry restructuring and product upgrades steadily, improving the quality of capacity, is facing a new round of golden opportunity development period. Agricultural enterprises in the survival of the fittest competition intensified, the amount of change to qualitative change faster, facing a higher level of competition. China's agricultural market is still the world's most competitive market. Under the impetus of the preferential agricultural policy, the development of China's agricultural industry has made remarkable achievements, showing the development trend of industrial transformation, quality upgrading and demand escalation, which is in the critical period of factor development and innovation driving.


The traditional agricultural machinery enterprises have entered the agricultural machinery industry, and constantly improve and extend the industrial chain, strengthening the unit collaboration, enriching the integration of farming management of the industry lineage, taking the initiative to provide users with a full set of agricultural equipment solutions. The main agricultural machinery enterprises to carry out industrial development, the traditional plowing manufacturing enterprises to the planting machine, plant protection machinery, large and medium-sized tractors, harvesting machinery and other industrial areas; plant protection machinery manufacturing enterprises to farming, harvesting machinery and other industrial areas, industrial structure, development Ability to further enhance. Parts supporting enterprise products steadily upgrade, significantly enhance product quality, strong support for the upgrading of host products.


Quality improve steadily. Agricultural machinery enterprises takes the initiative to enhance product manufacturing strength, product research and development capabilities. Country has led the market demand for three products, power shift tractor products, vertical axis harvesting machinery products, large-scale compound agricultural machinery and other high-end products market share rising, Competitiveness and voice continue to improve. MTBF value of the major agricultural products (the average time between failures) and foreign advanced products such as the gap between the narrow, to enhance the level of product quality assurance. Relying on innovation to drive a comprehensive build core competitiveness, relying on "Internet" to promote the quality chain to a higher level of development, is forming a new pattern and format. With the industrial upgrading, competitive landscape adjustment, backward, repeated production capacity is gradually being upgraded or eliminated, the agricultural machinery industry into the quality-oriented, rational development of a new stage.


Supply and demand upgrade and coordinated development. Agricultural enterprises to take the initiative to implement the channel sink, to improve the understanding of terminal needs to meet the terminal needs of the system to solve the problem. Circulation enterprises to become an important platform for customer management, through the customer database and large data construction and use, strengthen customer relationship management, the implementation of multi-density seminars, experience, site visits, market detection and other corporate image and product value. Optimize the channel construction, speed up the franchise stores, stores, flagship store sub-dimension, hierarchical maintenance and management. Customer structure adjustment and upgrading, family farms, agricultural cooperatives, large grain growers, large agricultural machinery and other high-end agricultural demand to become a new force. Northeast region, Xinjiang region, winter wheat area on the large and medium-sized agricultural machinery to maintain a rigid demand, paddy farming agronomic integration has been further developed.

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