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Corn Combine Harvester

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Corn Combine Harvester

As my country’s largest food crop, corn has an important strategic position in ensuring my country’s food security. Among the three major food crops in my country, the chance of corn yield has been low. Whether in hilly areas or plains, many areas still There is a phenomenon of manual harvesting. According to statistics, the domestic corn harvest rate in 2019 is around 80%, and the non-mechanical harvest area is roughly estimated to exceed 120 million mu. There is still a lot of room for rigid demand for corn harvesting machinery.

The corn harvester has a compact design, short body, strong maneuverability, small turning radius, easy U-turn, and high harvesting efficiency; new dynamic peripheral, novel and stylish design, beautiful and practical, and easy to maintain; original harvesting table can achieve wrong harvesting , Adapt to various row spacing and agronomic requirements.

The cutting table adopts the forced feeding method of the reel chain, which can realize the non-aligned harvesting and horizontal harvesting in the field; the cutting table picking roller adopts double spiral picking rollers, which can pull the stems quickly, without entanglement, and no blockage; hob type The pre-crusher and the middle-mounted return field machine can deeply crush the straw for field replacement, with low stubble cutting and high straw crushing rate; the peeling machine adopts 4 groups of 16 rollers/5 groups of 20 rollers, finger-type pressure feeding device, flexible peeling Technology, high stripping rate, low seeding rate, high stripping efficiency.

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