Ensuring Grain Security and Farmland Construction
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Ensuring Grain Security and Farmland Construction

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Ensuring Grain Security and Farmland Construction

Food is the first necessity of the people and grain is based on soil. As the basis of grain production, the quality of farmland not only affects the level of grain output, but also affects the quality of agricultural products and is the foundation of food security. High-standard farmland refers to land that is leveled, contiguous, well-equipped, equipped with farmland, fertile, ecologically sound, and has strong disaster-resistance ability. Cultivated land is conducive to promoting large-scale operation, mechanized production and standardized production. Building high-standard farmland is a key measure to consolidate and improve food production capacity and ensure national food security. my country has a vast territory, with huge differences in topography and climatic conditions between regions, different crop types and farming systems, and different requirements for farmland infrastructure and soil fertility. The construction of high-standard farmland is not only an important means to strengthen the construction of agricultural infrastructure, but also a key measure to improve the productivity of cultivated land and enhance the ability of sustainable development of farmland.

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