Focus on Improving the Level of Mechanized Rice Planting
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Focus on Improving the Level of Mechanized Rice Planting

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Focus on Improving the Level of Mechanized Rice Planting

As we all know, the overall mechanization rate of the three main grain crops in China is relatively high. In 2021, the comprehensive mechanization rate of the three main grain crops of wheat, rice and corn will reach 97%, 85% and 90% respectively. It can be seen that the overall mechanization rate of rice is relatively low, and the planting link is its weakness. Especially, the mechanized planting of rice in the southern rice region is the weakness of the overall mechanization of grain production, and it is in the critical stage of overcoming difficulties. In order to speed up the supplement the mechanization of rice planting, further enhance rice mechanization level all the way, recently, the office of agricultural NongCunBu printed notice, decided to organize the south was rice model to promote action, for outstanding way of mechanized transplanting, more measures and speed up the completion model, for rice production and increasing production mechanization.

The circular put forward a number of supporting policies. First, it encourages the grade optimization of high-performance rice mechanized transplanting machines and tools, and the estimated proportion of subsidy can be increased to 35% according to the procedure, which can be higher than the maximum subsidy amount of the corresponding level of central financial funds. Second, organize the formulation of standards for the construction of complete sets of facilities and equipment for seedling raising and drying, put forward as soon as possible the report on the record of pilot subsidies for new agricultural machinery products, and speed up the pace of inclusion in the scope of subsidies; The third is to encourage the use of local financial funds to implement accumulative subsidies for rice machine facilities and equipment; Fourth, encourage the use of operating subsidies, awards and other ways to foster service organizations, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of relevant subjects to apply mechanized transplanting technology, carry out seedling planting operation services, and strive to promote the implementation of the whole village in the local conditions; Fifth, increase financial support for relevant policies and projects, make agricultural machinery cooperatives, family farms and other new agricultural operators the main force for mechanized rice seedling cultivation, supply and transplanting, improve the infrastructure conditions for rice seedling cultivation and transplanting, and enhance the ability of operation service coverage; Sixth, relying on the national professional agricultural mechanization training action, strengthen the training of agricultural machinery service organization leaders and key mechanical hand planting and seedling training, and cultivate a group of operation experts. In addition, the circular also proposed to carry out comparative tests and validation of rice machine models, such as mechanical transplanting of pot blanket seedlings, conventional mechanical transplanting of pot blanket seedlings, orderly seedling throwing and pot seedling loading, according to local conditions, scientifically determine the main technical route and selection of suitable supporting machines and tools, implement the promotion and application of supporting measures, and promote green and stable rice yield and increase.

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