Further Strengthening the Safe Production of Agricultural Machinery
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Further Strengthening the Safe Production of Agricultural Machinery

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Further Strengthening the Safe Production of Agricultural Machinery

A few days ago, Hubei Province issued the "Implementation Opinions on Further Strengthening the Safety Production of Agricultural Machinery" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), requiring all localities and departments to do a good job of agricultural machinery safety, accelerate the creation of a "safe agricultural machinery" demonstration city, and comprehensively improve the safety of agricultural machinery The level of supervision will promote the healthy development of the agricultural economy and the harmony and stability of the rural society.

The "Opinions" pointed out that all localities should implement territorial management responsibilities, departmental supervision responsibilities, and agricultural machinery safety production responsibilities; establish and improve agricultural machinery safety production systems and mechanisms, improve grassroots agricultural machinery safety supervision systems, and establish agricultural machinery safety cooperation linkage mechanisms; comprehensively strengthen agricultural machinery Safety infrastructure construction, strengthening agricultural machinery safety law enforcement capabilities, strengthening agricultural machinery safety publicity and education, deepening the creation of "safe agricultural machinery" demonstration; accelerating the application of agricultural machinery safety supervision technology information, implementing the normal supervision of agricultural machinery safety classification, and increasing the source management of agricultural machinery safety and remediation of hidden dangers Intensity.

The main responsible persons of governments at all levels are the first persons responsible for the safe production of agricultural machinery in their territories, and they must effectively strengthen their organizational leadership and work coordination; strictly implement the "party and government responsibility, dual responsibility, co-management, and accountability for dereliction of duty" regulations to establish agricultural machinery safety Production supervision responsibility system; incorporating agricultural machinery safety production work into government safety production development planning and government safety work research and deployment, and compacting management responsibilities.

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