He said: FOTMA Tractors have Three Advantages
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He said: FOTMA Tractors have Three Advantages

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He said: FOTMA Tractors have Three Advantages

Qianjiang City is located in the central and southern part of Hubei Province, in the hinterland of the Jianghan Plain, with a rice planting area of about 900,000 mu. On this land, FOTMA paddy field tractors are very popular among users, not only because our tractors have high chassis, light weight, and are suitable for paddy field operations, but more importantly, the matching YTO diesel engine has strong power and low fuel consumption, which is a good choice for local users. The increase in production and income has made outstanding contributions.

Talking about the reasons why they love FOTMA tractors, the customer said: "FOTMA tractors have three major advantages compared to other brands."

The first is strong power and high efficiency. In the past ten years, although the YTO diesel engine has been upgraded, its power has not changed. I think it is the most powerful power product in China.

The second is low fuel consumption. Since the upgrade of China III, the fuel consumption of YTO diesel engines has been greatly reduced. In recent years, diesel prices have remained high, and Dongfanghong diesel engines have saved a lot of costs.

The third is high reliability. The rice planting time in Qianjiang is relatively fixed, and the annual rotary tillage operation is concentrated in more than half a month. I have used FOTMA for so many years, and the YTO diesel engine has never broken down once, with zero failures. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right machine. We not only take a fancy to the appearance of the machine, but also its interior.

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