High-end farm implements will be core for farm machines
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High-end farm implements will be core for farm machines

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High-end farm implements will be core for farm machines

Precision agriculture is the new trend in agricultural development in the world, is considered to be the leading edge of the 21st century agricultural science and technology development. The implementation of precision agriculture and solving agriculture from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture development in our country faced in the process of ensuring agricultural production, adjusting agricultural structure, improving the quality of agricultural products, and quality, shortage of resources and the utilization rate is low, environmental pollution problems such as an effective way.


As we know, information agriculture is developed based on the Internet, and precision agriculture is based on the mobile Internet and RTV GNSS network location service network and gradual development. Along with the arrival of the digital wave, based on the information technology platform, combined with large data and mechanical equipment, optimization of crop management and comprehensive agricultural resources use efficiency of farmland management optimization technology, precision agriculture began to catch on around the world, become the new trend of world agricultural development.


To implement precision agriculture, we must solve carries out comprehensive quality management, technology platform, agricultural machinery, precision equipment research and development of three big problems. First of all, if you want to achieve precise agriculture equipment operation, land area is the foundation of a certain both company and, therefore, to speed up the land circulation is the key. In addition, more importantly, the realization of the precision agriculture is by no means easy to stay on the knowledge of farmers to use tools, more test implementer in precision agriculture decision-making, design, use and management ability.


Second, to implement precision agriculture must implement timing, location, quantitative, the so-called timing is based on agricultural condition for precise timing agricultural development and decision making, job management and decision making; Precise positioning is based on planning, guiding the agricultural machinery to farming land, place; Quantitative is based on accurate data, differential control on the water, fertilizer, medicine, applying seed content. So, need to establish a "wisdom of agricultural machinery" integrated information management platform, building network video perception system, GPS positioning system of agricultural machinery, agricultural facilities internet of things intelligent control system, digital precision agriculture (farmland sowing environment monitoring, intelligent control, such as moisture, soil, etc) is equal to the integration of the wisdom of agricultural machinery integrated information management platform, for service managers' decision-making management and regulation. But for now, the situation of our country is still in the agricultural machinery enterprises own, unable to realize sharing information, causing the waste of resources.


Thirdly, as the most important part of precision agriculture, high-end agricultural machinery and equipment research and development is increasingly important. Although part of the agricultural machinery enterprises in our country has begun to change concept, focus on accurate the design, development and production of agricultural machinery, but also need to enterprises to speed up the research and development efforts, increased investment in product research and development, at the same time, to speed up the popularization of agricultural technology integration innovation, improving the ability of agricultural science and technology achievements transformation. The implementation of precision agriculture is a system engineering, needing multi-sectoral cooperation, although there is no large-scale implementation in our country, but we believe that as long as there is proper conditions and suitable for local use of farm machinery, precision work is just a matter of time.


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