Improve the Quality of Spring Sowing and Increase the Area of Spring Sowing
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Improve the Quality of Spring Sowing and Increase the Area of Spring Sowing

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Improve the Quality of Spring Sowing and Increase the Area of Spring Sowing

This year, spring ploughing production should be grasped early, tightly, and firmly, and planning should be started before the Spring Festival. After the beginning of spring, according to the arrangement of varieties, regions, and links, relevant departments have successively held meetings on summer grain and wheat field management, expansion of soybean oilseeds, and stabilization of corn and rice production to coordinate and promote the supply of chemical fertilizers, especially potash fertilizers and other agricultural materials. With the overall arrangement of food production funding projects, coupled with the early spring rejuvenation, high temperature, and good soil moisture, this year's spring ploughing production is off to a good start. Farmers' intention to plant grains has increased, and spring ploughing has generally progressed smoothly. As far as the progress of spring planting is concerned, according to agricultural conditions, as of April 19, the country has sown 199 million mu of grain in spring, 21.2% completed, 1.3 percentage points faster than the same period last year. In the south, 70% of the early rice has been planted, and the area is expected to increase a little; in the northeast, 74.2% of the rice seedlings have been completed, 2.4 percentage points faster, and corn and soybeans have been sown on a large scale around May 1st.

It should be said that the current time is the most strenuous time for epidemic prevention and control, and it is also the most critical time for spring ploughing production. Be sure to grab both hands hard. We will continue to work with relevant departments to study and formulate specific measures for spring ploughing and epidemic prevention, such as guidelines and guidelines, based on the actual situation in the countryside and the needs of agricultural affairs, and implement differentiated prevention and control measures at different levels and categories, so as to effectively open up "stuck points" and "blocking points", Speed up the progress of soil preparation and sowing and improve the quality of sowing. In particular, play the role of new business entities and social service organizations, and help small farmers and farmers affected by the epidemic to plant the land through whole-process trusteeship, link trusteeship, joint farming and joint farming, and substituting farming for farming, ensuring that one day of farming is guaranteed. Without delay, ensure that one mu of farmland is not abandoned, and the task of spring sowing can be completed with high quality and high standards.

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