Innovation is the key to land reform
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Innovation is the key to land reform

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Innovation is the key to land reform

Strict enforcement of land-control system is to promote agricultural reclamation land resources asset-like and capitalization, innovative agricultural reclamation land asset allocation method. Which is the effective ways to reform huge and diverse task.


The principle of land system reform must be obeyed to. For land reclamation and system reform, we should insist on state-owned properties, the service general situation. Adhere to market-oriented, governmental support, sorted guidance, responsible for grading, balanced and steady progress can be come true.


Strengthen the management of land use. Strict enforcement of land use control system, implement the agricultural reclamation land classification management, promote agricultural reclamation made of state-owned land access registers the certificate, do STH without authorization to agricultural land into construction land is prohibited. At the same time, earnestly implement the cultivated land system of dynamic balance and speeding up permanent basic farmland demarcated. To strengthen the protection of the rights and interests of land reclamation land, seriously investigate unauthorised changes to the land reclamation land use and illegal occupation of land reclamation of land.


To promote agricultural reclamation land resources asset-like and capitalization. Innovative agricultural reclamation land asset allocation, involved in the restructuring of agricultural reclamation enterprises reform of the state-owned construction land and farmland transfer, according to need to take the state-owned land use right transfer, lease, evaluated and allocated for the retention of disposal. In order to carry out the pilot state-owned agricultural land use right mortgage, guarantee reasonable agricultural reclamation industrial development and urbanization construction land demand.


We should innovate for that reform. Inescapably, farm land reform must be cautious. We screen touch bottom, classification and easy after the first difficult, effectively cracked farm land "three" this does not cure the ills of for years. Land reclamation and reform as long as grasp the general trend, comply with the trend, dare to gnaw "crack", have the courage to blaze new trails, must be able to continuously produce new fruits.

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