Measures to Promot the Mechanization of Crop Production

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Actively promote the "machine-friendly" transformation of hilly and mountainous areas. Guide localities to strive for and attract various project funds and social capital, carry out “machine-friendly” transformation of farmland in hilly and mountainous areas, organize dynamic monitoring and progress investigations on the transformation of machine-friendly transformation in various regions, and select typical technical solutions suitable for different terrain characteristics. Comprehensively promote the exploration path for the transformation of farmland in hilly and mountainous areas "suitable for mechanization", and accumulate experience. Strengthen the technical guidance for the transformation of "suitable mechanization", speed up the improvement of the weak basic conditions of agricultural mechanization, and improve the access and operating conditions of agricultural machinery. Encourage qualified areas to incorporate the construction of machine tool warehouses into the scope of high-standard farmland construction.

Increase the promotion and application of advanced and applicable agricultural mechanization technologies and equipment. Strengthen the supporting role of advanced and applicable agricultural mechanization technologies and equipment for the nine major industries, and strive to promote the mechanization of the entire industry chain of pig breeding. In response to the needs of agricultural operations in the main functional areas of food production and the advantageous areas of characteristic agricultural products such as fruit, livestock, and tea, the application level of advanced agricultural machinery and equipment such as intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment in agricultural production in the nine major industrial chains has been greatly improved, and the integration of precision agriculture and machine technology has been adopted. and other technical means to implement a complete set of solutions for high-end agricultural equipment in the process of cultivation, management and harvesting. It is planned to carry out smart agricultural machinery field day activities around the main production links of the whole industry chain such as apples, tea, and edible fungi, and accelerate the promotion and application of technologies such as the Internet of Things and big data satellite positioning in agricultural machinery equipment and agricultural machinery operations.

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