New 4MZ-6 Cotton Combine Harvester
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New 4MZ-6 Cotton Combine Harvester

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New 4MZ-6 Cotton Combine Harvester

Six rows of cotton can be harvested in one breath, and the net harvesting rate is over 93%. This high-end intelligent six-row cotton picker with a weight of 24 tons, has officially rolled off the production line recently. This six-row cotton picker has the same cotton picking capacity in one day. The workload of 1,200 cotton pickers. The offline of the cotton picker means that the decades-long monopoly of foreign brands in this field is about to end.

It is understood that the model of the cotton picker this time is 4MZ-6 self-propelled cotton picker. The size of the machine is 9.6 meters × 5.5 meters × 5.3 meters, and the net weight is 24 tons. There are 6 cotton picking heads. The total capacity is 40 cubic meters, and the net recovery rate is >93%.

At the same time, in order to better meet the needs of cotton picking and serve cotton growers, the cotton picker is also specially designed or added with fire alarm detection and automatic fire extinguishing devices, electric shock prevention facilities, Beidou navigation technology's electronic control system, and use of waste heat from the exhaust gas. Facilities or new technologies such as heating cleaning fluid and double large fans.

In the past, domestically produced small and medium-sized cotton pickers could pick three or five rows at the same time, but this six-row cotton picker only entered the Chinese market around 2012. The six-row cotton picker that has just rolled off the assembly line took about two years from market research, technical reserve to completion of manufacturing. It does not simply increase the number of picking lines, but synchronizes the engine, work efficiency, operating system and other technologies. Research and development upgrade.

Although this cotton picker has an additional picking head, its work efficiency is twice that of an ordinary five-element cotton picker. And after technology research and development, its operating system is more intelligent and more automated.

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