New Corn Combine Harvester are Welcomed
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New Corn Combine Harvester are Welcomed

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New Corn Combine Harvester are Welcomed

In recent years, animal husbandry has continued to develop, and the demand for feed has also increased significantly. Recycling corn stalks that can be used as feed has gradually become a way for farmers to increase their income. The double-harvesting machine that can harvest both corn and stalks came into being.

So, what is unique about this model? From the appearance point of view, our company added a stalk recovery device at the front header, a folding grass collection box at the top, and a special protective plate at the upper part of the granary; the front double header design, the upper part is The full-width misaligned harvesting header for harvesting corn ears can be equipped with feeding wheels, anti-lodging devices and forward-cut double-sided transmission. The ears are harvested quickly and power consumption is low during harvest. Misaligned ridge harvesting is more suitable for cross-region operations; The header of the stalks is harvested, and the rake board is a steel plate to improve the reliability of transmission. In addition, the chain tensioning wheel is changed from a sprocket to a flat wheel to increase the chain wrap angle and improve reliability. At the same time, the top grass collecting box adopts a foldable design, which can reduce the height of the car body after folding; the folding loop structure of the grass collecting box adopts a pair of pulley brackets to make the grass box open and close more smoothly.

It is worth noting that the walking part is hydraulic walking. Compared with the traditional mechanical bridge, the clutch and the continuously variable transmission wheel are eliminated, and the vehicle's forward, backward, acceleration, deceleration and parking can be controlled by a control handle. When driving a hydraulic walking harvester, it is no longer necessary to step on and off clutches, shift gears and other operations during acceleration, deceleration and reversing, like the harvester driving a mechanical machine, completely liberating the left foot and relaxing the right foot. Operation via a control handle is simpler and more comfortable.

In addition, since this model eliminates components with high maintenance rates such as clutches and continuously variable wheels, it will greatly reduce daily maintenance costs during use. The hydraulic walking system adopts the oil pump and motor of the internationally renowned brand Danfoss, and uses special hydraulic oil pipes and hydraulic oil. The hydraulic walking system has reliable quality and almost zero failures in actual work, providing a strong guarantee for long-term harvesting work. Matching the three-speed gearbox, the power output is more efficient and can reduce the overall fuel consumption.

In addition, its braking system is hydraulic braking, and uses a strong brake caliper + brake disc structure, which increases driving safety. The cutting head speed and hydraulic walking system are designed to match the whole, the whole machine has better coordination, fast harvesting speed and strong applicability.

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