Plant Protection Drones Escort Stable Grain Production and Increase Income
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Plant Protection Drones Escort Stable Grain Production and Increase Income

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Plant Protection Drones Escort Stable Grain Production and Increase Income

In recent years, family farms and agricultural cooperatives have emerged main situation.

According to the monitoring and analysis of the National Crop Disease and Insect Pest Prediction Network and expert consultation, it is expected that major diseases and insect pests of wheat, rice, corn, potatoes and other food crops will recur in 2022, with an area of 2.14 billion mu in the country. In this regard, the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the "Two Increases and Two Decreases" Action Plan for Insect Populations to Grab Grain and Promoting Harvests at the beginning of this year, calling for giving full play to plant protection and disaster prevention and mitigation in doing everything possible to stabilize food production and unremittingly promote green agricultural development. aspects of the role. The National Agricultural Technology Center has also formulated a technical plan for the prevention and control of major pests and diseases of major food crops in 2022. Among them, in terms of scientific drug use technology, the plan proposes to promote the use of self-propelled wide-width spraying machinery, electric sprayers, drones and other advanced spraying machinery for spray prevention and control, use small-aperture nozzle spray as much as possible, and add corresponding functional assistance. To ensure the appropriate droplet size and uniform distribution of the liquid, to ensure the control effect; for plant protection drone application, the water consumption per mu should not be less than 1.5 liters, and a sedimentation agent should be added. For hills and mountainous areas with complex terrain, plant protection drones can be used for control.

In June, with the gradual increase in temperature and the advent of the rainy season, the incidence of crop diseases and insect pests is high, and plant protection work has entered a critical period. Plant protection drones with the advantages of time-saving, labor-saving, water-saving, medicine saving, high efficiency, simple operation, intelligent precision, safety and reliability are the scientific and effective prevention and control of crop pest and disease disasters in recent years, to achieve "insects eat food" and promote A "sharp weapon" for chemical pesticide reduction.

Seeds, fertilizers and water are the key factors to improve agricultural yield as a systematic work. Among them, plant protection plays a key role in ensuring the quality of rural production by controlling pests and diseases. Whether it is now or in the future, we will always be committed to the research and development and innovation of agricultural plant protection drones. , reduce the damage of pests. Provide stronger technical support to ensure production safety, agricultural product quality safety and ecological safety.

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