Plant Protection Drones Help Spring Ploughing
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Plant Protection Drones Help Spring Ploughing

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Plant Protection Drones Help Spring Ploughing

Spring ploughing waits for no one, and it is time to prepare for ploughing. At present, the spring ploughing preparation season has entered. Over the fields, plant protection drones are used to control pests and diseases, weeding, and additional rejuvenating fertilizers on wheat. It has high efficiency, fast speed, low cost and good effect, and the masses have praised it. Plant protection service organizations and agricultural machinery cooperatives actively organize personnel to repair, maintain and debug plant protection drones, adhere to "three-point use, seven-point nourishment", clean the body and do a good job of inspection, whether parts are worn or loose, battery usage, Standby debugging, etc., ensure the best equipment status of plant protection drones, and maintain more than 200 drones. Carry out pilot training, train units and individuals with plant protection drones, and issue plant protection drone operation certificates after passing the theoretical and practical operation. Pilots must hold a license to carry out field operations to ensure safety and use effects. For efficient pesticide fertilization, taking a drone with a load of 40 kilograms as an example, about 150 acres of pesticides can be sprayed per hour; if 25 kilograms of fertilizer per acre is applied, 50 acres of fertilizer can be spread per hour, and the operation efficiency is more than 30 times that of manual labor.

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