Please Accept Straw Guide for Winter Storage
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Please Accept Straw Guide for Winter Storage

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Please Accept Straw Guide for Winter Storage

Slight Snow is the 20th solar term among the 24 solar terms and the second solar term in winter. At this time, with the arrival of cold air, the temperature dropped sharply, and the weather became cold and dry.

At the beginning of the light snow solar term, the soil in the northeast has been frozen to a depth of 10 cm. In the future, it will be frozen for more than 1 cm day and night. At the end of the solar term, it will be frozen for more than 1 m.

It is difficult to deal with straw after entering the season with heavy snow. Farmers want to clear up the straw for cattle and sheep feed or sell it to the outside world before the end of the year. It is suggested that the straw leave the field as soon as possible to buy time for stubble removal, land preparation and fertilization in the spring.

How to improve the degree of straw crushing, remove dust and improve the cleanliness of straw has always been a difficult problem to solve in the operation process of the baler. In order to solve this problem, we independently developed industry-leading "secondary crushing" and "tertiary dedusting" technologies, which can improve the degree of straw shredding, reduce the soil content of straw bales, and thus increase the livestock feed rate by up to 98%

Straw reuse is the general trend. As long as it is well utilized, on the one hand, it can increase income, on the other hand, it will not burn straw, which is not only conducive to ecological environment protection, but also can prevent soil from losing a lot of nutrients under high temperature; Straw collection in winter can prepare for spring cultivation.

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