Precautions for the Use of Generators
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Precautions for the Use of Generators

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Precautions for the Use of Generators

High temperature operation in summer, safety hazards should be guarded against:

1. Please keep away from flammable and explosive materials when the generator is running.

2. If you find gasoline overflowing, please clean it up in time.

3. Please avoid running the generator directly exposed to the sun in high temperature weather.

4. Do not add gasoline while the generator is running or when the machine is turned off and not cooled down.

5. It is recommended not to add too much gasoline to prevent the gasoline from overflowing due to bumps in transportation or excessive inclination during placement.

6. Before starting the machine each time, please observe the bottom and surrounding of the generator to see if there is any abnormality.

7. Please turn off the switch at the bottom of the fuel tank in time after the machine is turned off and stopped for use or when you need to transition.

8. It is not recommended to use the machine in the carriage. If used, please install the wheel feet before using the generator, and ensure that the generator is well ventilated. If no wheel feet are installed, please use a flat wooden board or cardboard to pad the bottom of the generator to avoid static sparks caused by friction between the iron frame and the bottom of the carriage.

9. Correct shutdown steps: turn off the charger → turn off the generator over-protection switch → pull out the plug → run at no load for about 2 minutes (sufficient heat dissipation) → > turn off the flame.

10. If the generator is used improperly, it may cause a fire. Do not use water to put out the fire. Please always prepare a dry powder fire extinguisher of more than 3L or cover it with sand and soil from local materials.

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