Promote Agricultural Transformation and Upgrading
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Promote Agricultural Transformation and Upgrading

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Promote Agricultural Transformation and Upgrading

The development of "Internet + Agriculture" is an important starting point in the agricultural and rural areas, and it is also an innovative measure to deepen the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy and promote the digital transformation of agriculture and rural areas. In recent years, adhere to the development orientation of "Internet + agriculture" integration, focus on promoting the digital transformation of important areas and key links in agriculture and rural areas, accelerate the application of new generation information technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and cloud computing in agriculture and rural areas, and steadily advance The application of "Internet + agriculture" has effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of agriculture and the construction of rural informatization, opening up a new phase of rural digital development.

Adhere to the development of modern urban agriculture, take the intelligent, informatization, and digitalization of agricultural production as the guide, vigorously promote the digital transformation of agricultural planting and breeding bases, accelerate the promotion of "machine substitution" in the agricultural field, and promote the digitalization of agricultural information, agricultural production automation, and agriculture Intelligent management.

Actively explore online business models for agricultural products such as online stores, micro-shops, and live delivery, formulate support policies for agricultural product marketing and agricultural product e-commerce, and encourage agricultural business entities to establish online sales systems or rely on third-party e-commerce professional platforms. , Actively promote the development of rural e-commerce.

Focusing on agricultural industry supervision and agricultural socialization services, with the construction of an information platform as a starting point, the establishment of agricultural supervision system platforms such as agricultural product quality and safety traceability systems, agricultural materials supervision systems, animal identification and animal product traceability, and crop diseases and insect pests digital monitoring and early warning systems, The province's only pilot operation of the Ministry of Agriculture's China Agricultural Socialization Service Platform (Green Farming Plant Protection) has effectively improved the level of modern agricultural technology and equipment and collaborative management capabilities.

Improve the rural comprehensive property rights transfer and transaction market service system, set up a rural property rights transaction center, and update and release information on policy interpretations and property rights transactions in real time to provide fair and open guarantees for rural land property rights transactions, and provide a solid foundation for the development and growth of the village collective economy.

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