Rice Production Escorted by Drones
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Rice Production Escorted by Drones

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Rice Production Escorted by Drones

Right now, it is the season when most rice is harvested. The rice fields that have been reasonably selected by technicians, scientifically measured yields, and have been comprehensively managed by drones + customized rice pest control programs have increased yields by 10% per mu compared with control fields.

Thanks to the development of the rice seed industry and modern planting technology, my country’s rice yield per unit area has been greatly improved in recent years. According to the National Bureau of Statistics website, it has increased from 5454 kg/ha in 2010 to rice per unit area in 2019. The yield reached 6316 kg/ha. As a major rice planting country in the world, the prevention and control of rice plant diseases and insect pests has inevitably become a commonplace topic.

In recent years, UAV plant protection has gradually become the mainstream machinery for plant protection operations. High efficiency, safety and convenience in use have become important reasons why everyone favors it. The "drone + pesticide" one-stop full-process plant protection program has also become a form of cooperation for many growers and service organizations.

During the high incidence of rice diseases and insect pests, through scientific and reasonable field management plan and guarantee system support in training and after-sales, large-scale spraying operations with drones were used to quickly reduce the pathogen base and insect population density in a short period of time to ensure the service area Rice was protected in time. At the production site, compared with the control field, the average yield per mu is increased by more than 10%, and the total income of farmers per mu can be increased by more than RMB150.

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