Suggestions on Digital Agriculture Development
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Suggestions on Digital Agriculture Development

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Suggestions on Digital Agriculture Development

Increase coordination. Issue a digital agriculture support policy, clarify the direction of support, solve the problem of information islands in a coordinated way, encourage the acquisition of special funds and projects from the central and provincial governments, support pilot and demonstration projects of digital agriculture, and effectively leverage financial and social capital investment. Improve the work coordination mechanism, strengthen organizational leadership, hold regular meetings to solve existing problems, strengthen policy effect evaluation and supervision and inspection, and implement closed-loop management of the entire project to ensure the implementation of tasks.

Strengthen talent support. Comprehensively promote the cultivation of digital agricultural talents, strengthen the construction of digital agricultural think tanks, and consolidate the support and guarantee of technical talents. Make good use of social and corporate resources, guide college graduates and returning talents to actively participate in the construction of digital agriculture, broaden the channels for selection and employment, and do a good job in talent development.

Optimize the development environment. Accelerate the promotion of digital agriculture innovation system and capacity building, and improve the coordinated development mechanism of production, education, research and application. Strengthen the main role of agriculture-related producers, operators and enterprises, increase the protection of property rights and patents, and create an external environment conducive to digital agricultural technology innovation and network application. Give full play to the role of mainstream media and key websites, publicize agricultural digitalization policies, tell stories of digital transformation and upgrading, and guide public opinion, so as to build consensus and strength for the in-depth development of digital agriculture, and create a good atmosphere.

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