The Future of Tractors: Power Shifts Is the Trend
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The Future of Tractors: Power Shifts Is the Trend

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The Future of Tractors: Power Shifts Is the Trend

At public times, the greater the tractor's output power is, the more gear it needs, and the more complex its internal structure is. In the current domestic transmission system of the tractor, the gear shifting technology of the gear sleeve is still the mainstream, and the fuel-saving and convenient power shifting technology has not yet been widely spread.

Simply speaking, power shifting is to achieve the shifting work of the tractor without cutting off the power output, that is, shifting the gear without pressing the clutch. The professional expression is that power shift, through the wet clutch control gearbox shift, through the hydraulic control system to achieve the traditional uninterrupted shift, reversing operation.

The power shift tractor adopts an electronic control system to realize uninterrupted gear shifting of the tractor and simplifies the complicated operation process into a simple button operation. The driver can complete a complicated operation process in a very short time, not only greatly reduces the difficulty of operation and saves labor intensity, but also greatly improves the quality of the work, thereby achieving an increase in efficiency. In addition, the power shift is even more fuel-efficient, which is currently the international advanced tractor shifting transmission system.

The development of power shifts in China also took just a few short years. In 2012, a well-established business model began to be sold. Although power shifts are viewed as tall in the country, they are standard on international advanced tractors. However, with the continuous development of China's agricultural machinery technology, the cost of power shifting technology will be further reduced. More and more farmers will also begin to accept this new type of technology that is more efficient and environmentally friendly. It is believed that it will not be long before the Chinese-made tractor will accept the transform of the technology of power shift. .

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