The Tractor Pulled the Load Car into the Field
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The Tractor Pulled the Load Car into the Field

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The Tractor Pulled the Load Car into the Field

On 28th, October, the Agricultural Machinery Test and Appraisal General Station of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Power Machinery Division of the Agricultural Mechanization Technology Development and Extension General Station carried out field traction performance tests with tractors and tires of different structures in Daxing District, Beijing. For the first time, tractors were pulled into the fields. jobs. Take practical actions to further exert the strength of detection technology and make efforts for the development of the service industry.

In accordance with the current national standards and OECD rules, the wheeled tractor traction test is carried out on a clean, flat, dry and hard pavement. The data has good repeatability and reproducibility. At the request of the enterprise, the test was transferred from the runway to the field. On the one hand, it was to obtain data on actual operating conditions. On the other hand, the field operation can also assess the impact of tractors and agronomy. This is an innovation in the test method and a useful attempt at the detection method.

The project started in May of this year. After many consultations and discussions, the field traction test plan, test items and technical requirements were determined, and 130 acres of test land in Yufa Town, Daxing District was finally selected. According to the test plan, on the same tractor, install the same rim and different bias tires and radial tires under two tire pressure states, respectively, to measure the traction performance and rolling resistance of the selected forward gear at different slip rates. From hundreds of test data, 94 test results including traction force, speed, traction power, slip rate, and fuel consumption were selected and recorded.

The tractor hauled the load truck into the field test for the first time. The personnel of the terminal overcome the difficult conditions such as long-distance transportation of equipment, dust and soil protection of instruments, people sleeping in the open air, and difficulties in field tooling. The success of the experiment has also accumulated valuable experience for us, strengthened our confidence in innovative thinking, scientific response, and active pursuit of change, and strengthened our determination to provide strong technical support for the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization and high-quality and efficient development.

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