Unmanned Agricultural Machinery Unveil
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Unmanned Agricultural Machinery Unveil

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Unmanned Agricultural Machinery Unveil

In the grain production base, the operator gave a remote instruction, then an unmanned harvester quickly entered the golden rice field. It automatically planned the route, advanced and turned, and completed the harvesting operation of the rice field accurately and efficiently.

The site will demonstrate the working process of "5G + smart agricultural machinery" including unmanned tractor rotary tiller operation, unmanned rice transplanter rice machine transplanting operation (non-seasonal demonstration), and unmanned combine harvester rice machine harvesting operation.

Seen at the scene, the driverless rice transplanter only needs one worker to refill the seedlings, and it can automatically complete 2 acres of paddy field in 20 minutes. Compared with ordinary rice transplanters, not only can save a labor, but also increase the speed by 20%. In the adjacent paddy field of 3 acres, the unmanned harvester can complete the harvesting operation in less than half an hour, which is accurate and efficient.

Utilizing the fast and accurate characteristics of 5G signal transmission, as long as the farming area is set before the operation, smart agricultural machinery can automatically plan the optimal path. As long as the user presses the start switch on the operation terminal such as a mobile phone, the agricultural machine can automatically operate under the guidance of Beidou satellite navigation, and the line spacing error does not exceed 2.5 cm.

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