Vegetable Transplanting Mechanization
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Vegetable Transplanting Mechanization

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Vegetable Transplanting Mechanization

In recent years, my country has vigorously promoted new agricultural machinery, new technologies and new concepts. Vegetable planting has developed from the initial artificial seedling transplanting to the mechanized seedling transplanting. The industrial benefits have been significantly improved, and the planting area has continued to increase.

On 18th October, in the vegetable planting base of the farm, our automatic pot seedling vegetable transplanter shuttled back and forth in the field, and the processes of picking seedlings, feeding seedlings, ditching, planting, covering soil, and compacting were completed at one time. At the same place, the rows of black tadpole seedlings were neatly arranged with the same depth, which attracted the praise of the onlookers.

It is understood that the large-scale planting of black stagnant vegetables is carried out by mechanized transplanting. Compared with traditional manual transplanting, mechanized transplanting can complete all procedures at one time, and the transplanting cost is about 90 yuan per mu, and it can effectively control black slumping. The row spacing and plant spacing of vegetable seedlings ensure sufficient ventilation and light transmission, which is conducive to later growth. In traditional artificial planting, each person can only plant more than 1 mu of seedlings per day, and the cost of transplanting one mu of land is about 200 yuan. The average daily operating area of a transplanter can reach up to more than 20 mu, which greatly improves the planting efficiency of vegetables (black tallow), reduces the production cost, and drives the transformation of agricultural production methods and the improvement of the level of mechanized operation.

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