Weapon! When and How Do You Harvest Corn?
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Weapon! When and How Do You Harvest Corn?

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Weapon! When and How Do You Harvest Corn?

In 2020, Northeast China was hit by a typhoon. Many farmers are wondering whether it is better to harvest corn manually or mechanically? When to harvest corn is also a difficult thing for us.

This year's corn has a low accumulated temperature due to rainy days and insufficient light, and it has also been affected by lodging, so its maturity is much worse than in previous years. The hardness of some corn is not suitable for mechanical harvesting. Try to harvest these corn manually, otherwise the harvest loss, storage and threshing loss will be great. In addition, attention should be paid to mechanical damage and mildew during corn harvesting. Once mechanically harvested corn is damaged, it will inevitably become moldy. The moldy rate is an important indicator of corn quality.

To harvest fallen corn, a high-performance corn harvester with a long header length, a small inclination angle, and the tip of the divider can be used close to the ground. For plots with accumulated water or high soil moisture, crawler-type harvesters should be used to prevent vehicles from getting stuck.

When rush harvesting operations are carried out in advance, if the grain moisture content is high, an ear harvester should be used; if the grain moisture content drops below 25%, a grain harvester can be used. For places with severe lodging and a high rate of plant breakage or where there is a demand for silage, a ground hob cut silage corn harvester with grain crushing function should be used.

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