Xinjiang Enters the Cotton Harvest Period
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Xinjiang Enters the Cotton Harvest Period

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Xinjiang Enters the Cotton Harvest Period

National Day is approaching, Xinjiang, my country's main cotton-producing area, has a bumper cotton harvest. The cotton areas in the north and south of Tianshan have "white waves", and they have entered the concentrated picking period.


According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Xinjiang's cotton is growing well this year and it is expected to welcome a bumper crop. At present, some cotton areas in Xinjiang have taken the lead in large-scale harvesting, and the remaining major cotton areas will enter the peak period of large-scale harvesting in October.


In order to cooperate with the cotton harvesting machine, growers need to defoliate the cotton two weeks in advance to avoid mixing of cotton leaves during machine harvesting and affecting cotton quality. The reporter learned that the domestic advanced agricultural technology-plant protection drones have been widely used in the management of Xinjiang cotton fields. At present, a considerable number of cotton farmers in Xinjiang no longer use tractors, and instead use faster and more efficient agricultural plant protection drones to spray defoliants on cotton fields.


According to Zheng Tao, head of the Xinjiang region of Guangzhou Jifei Technology, a leading domestic agricultural technology company, Xinjiang is one of the cotton regions where agricultural plant protection drones are most widely used.

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