1BZ(BX) Semi-mounted Disc Harrow
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1BZ(BX) Semi-mounted Disc Harrow

1. With high-strength harrow frames and discs;
2. Specially used in tougher soil condition for superficial plowing;
3. Adopt hydraulic & tire mechanism to control cutting depth of harrow.
  • 1BZ/BX


The 1BZ(BX) Semi-mounted Disc Harrow is suitable for cleaning crop residues before tillage on the virgin land and heavy clay soil and crushing clods after tillage. On the cultivated land, it can be used as the plough for the initial cultivation, however on the uncultivated land, the first harrowing depth can be up to 180mm. After harrowing, the land surface is smooth, the soil clods and crop residues are well crushed. It is easy to be mounted and adjusted, free to reverse, and convenient for transportation.
Model 1BZ(BX)-2.0 1BZ(BX)-2.2 1BZ(BX)-2.5 1BZ(BX)-3.0
Working width(m) 2 2.2 2.5 3
Working depth(mm) 180~200 180~200 180~200 180~200
Q’ty of disc 18 20 24 28
Disc diameter(mm) 660(650)600(610) 660(650)600(610) 660(650)600(610) 660(650)600(610)
Total weight(kg) 1000 1050 1200 1350
Matched power(hp) 70~80 80-90 80~100 100~120
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