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1GQN Rotary Tiller

1. With simple structure and reasonable design;
2. Be appropriate for rotary tillage in light and medium soil conditions;
3. Be specially used for soil preparation.
  • 1GQN
1GQN Series Rotary Tillers (Rotavators), with simple structure but reasonable design, are appropriate for rotary tillage in light and medium soil conditions. This kind of rotary tiller is specially used for soil preparation(like loosening and aerating the soil, retaining moisture of the soil etc.), fertilizer incorporating and stubble removing before planting. It also performs well in paddy field puddling with high efficiency and fine smoothness.

1. This kind of rotary tiller can immediately prepare the soil and produce seedbed quickly and economically;
2. Perfect in soil conditioning, aerating and moisture retaining;
3. Applicable for tillage in both dry land and paddy field;
4. High speed rotary tilling can slash and mix crop residues, stems, roots or stubbles into soil to increase soil fertility;
5. Rotary tiller blades replaceable from blade seats, easy to assemble and maintain.
Model 1GQN-100 1GQN-125 1GQN-140 1GQN-150 1GQN-160
Working Width(cm) 100 125 140 150 160
Number of blades 18 26 30 34 38
Type of blade IT225
Fitted power 12-15hp 18-20hp 20-25hp 25-30hp 30-40HP
Weight 200kg 220kg 230kg 240kg 260kg
Model 1GQN-180 1GQN-200 1GQN-220 1GQN-250 1GQN-300
Working Width(cm) 180 200 220 250 300
Number of blades 42 46 50 58 70
Type of blade IT245
Fitted power 50-55hp 55-75hp 60-80hp 75-80hp 80-120hp
Weight 415kg 430kg 445kg 460kg 520kg

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