2BFY-28Fertilizing Seeder
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2BFY-28Fertilizing Seeder


The seeder for traction machine, and above 55 HP tractor kit, can be a complete job applying fertilizer, sow, cover earth, etc. This machine is mainly used for seeding wheat, millet, also can adjust the spacing sowing sorghum, soybeans and other crops.
Main features:
1. The hydraulic control of lifting and pulling depth adjustment, convenient operation, saves labor.
2. The opener for steel structure, high intensity, opener disc sealing performance is good, long service life.Equipped with extension tube, depth of 1 ~ 2 cm, used for sowing crops of rapeseed.
3. The rubber wheel drive, transportation fast, high operating speed.
4. The independent control hydraulic elevator marker, convenient, easy to use.
5. Optional drip irrigation belt, roller parts.
6. MuBoLiang wide adjustment range from 0.5 to 50 kg/mu.
7. Add large seed manure box, reducing The Times for add seed manure to increase productivity.

Second, the main technical parameters:
Job dimensions (cm) : 366×796×166
Transport dimension (cm) : 376×498×166
Structure mass (kg) : 1700
Working width (cm) : 420
Sowing depth (mm) : 30~80
Total number of rows (basic) : 28
Power (kW) : 44.1-95.5
Kind of tank volume (L) : 480
Fertilizer box volume (L) : 500
Pure working hour rate (hm2 / h) : 2.52~4.2
Height from the ground (mm) : ≥150
Opener form: Double bearing double disc type
Row of seed manure machine form: Iron outside slot round
Basic spacing (mm) : 150 (adjustable)
Connected to the tractor form: traction
The clutch structure: Tooth clutch
Lifting mechanism type: The hydraulic
Wheel form: Rubber inflatable tire
Column spacing before and after the opener (mm) : 260
Driving mode: Chain transmission


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