2BGYF Corn Precise Planter
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2BGYF Corn Precise Planter

1. Precision planting/fertilizer units;
2. 2-6 rows for small acreage and gardens;
3. Seeder design allows for consistent depth control.
  • 2BGYF


High precise seeds clearance, evenly sowing stable, seeds saving and less thin out seeding. Adopts ‘zero speed’, equal potential energy, low position feeding sturdy, seeding spacing is even. Mainly for sowing corn, can also sowing bean, cotton seeds, peanut and sunflower seeds. This corn planter cum fertilizer is a  multifunction machine. The planting machine for corn can spread the basis fertilizer during planting, and can complete the suppression at the same time, feed outlet is driven by gear to avoid troubles arising from machine reverse turning. Can pick out the whole disc cover when clear the seeds. Seeds clearance is convenient and thoroughly. The precision planting machine for corn has the characteristics of narrow trenching, moisture, and the fertilizer front, side spreading is suitable.The machine can match a wide tractor.

1. Precision planting/fertilizer units.
2. 2, 3,4 and 6 rows for small acreage and gardens
3. Accurately places 34 to 650 lbs of fertilizer per acre with adjustable rate control
4. Comes with 4 seed plates and gears for different seeds & spacing
5. Seeder design allows for consistent depth control
6. Deep V seed opener promotes fast germination and uniform planting.   


Model 2BGYF-2 2BGYF-3 2BGYF-4 2BGYF-5 2BGYF-6
Row spacing(mm) 500-700 500-700 500-700 500-700 500-700
Matched power(hp) 12-18 18-25 25-35 30-50 50-80
Overall weight(kg) 240 285 330 380 420
Seeding depth(mm) 30-50mm after squeezed
Covering device form Disc
Crop Corn, soybean
Type of Drive Standard three point mounted


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ADD: No. 52 Guanggu Avenue, Hongshan, Wuhan, Hubei Province, P.R.China.
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