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4U Series Potato Harvester, Potato Digger

1. It is intended for potato excavation;
2. It is intended for tubers partial separation from the soil;
3. A triangular beater is set on the potato digger.
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4U series of sweet potato digger is mounted with the tractor of 12-60HP with back power (side power) output shaft. Our potato digger is intended for potato excavation, tubers partial separation from the soil and tubers laying on field surface for their further picking up. A triangular beater is set on the potato digger. The working principle is that the digging shovel digs up the soil and crops through the impetus of the tractor. And the digging shovel make crop and soil separate through vibration sieve, the soil first drip down from the clearance of vibration sieve, finally the crop crashed down on to the road from the back.

1. Potato digger with the anti grass winding device, can smoothly harvest even in more weeds farmland;
2. Potato digger is operated by tractor fitted back side of tractor with PTO and hydraulic lift;
3. Potato digger is used for digging potato according to the row maintained during plantation;
4. Potato Digger machine digs potato from the row safely without cutting / damaging single potato;
5. The residual agricultural film can be extracted so as not to affect the next crop's growth.
Model                                              4U-1(0.6type) 4U-2(0.9type) 4U-2(1.3type) 4U-2(1.5type)
Productivity(ha/h) 3-5 4-5 6-9 10-15
Weight (kg) 125 260 320 400
Working width(mm) 600 900 1300 1500
Matched power(hp) 20 24-30 50 70

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