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DF204EM Tractor

20HP, 4WD
  • Dongfeng, DF

Main Dispositions:
(1)Single-function clutch
(2)Twin turning speeds of P.T.O.( Speed 540/730 rpm)
(3)Mechanical steering
(4)Safe start switch
(5)Metal sheet hood
(6)Single meters
(7)Quality seat system

Tractor Parameters Model DF-204
Drive Type 4×4 4WD
Overall Dimensions L×W×H(mm): 2661×1158×1910
Wheel Track(mm) Front 952
Rear 1020,1120,1220,1320
Wheel Base(mm) 1524
Ground Clearance(mm) 290
Rated Traction Force(N) In Paddy Fields 3920
In Dry Fields 5880
Construction Mass(kg) 1190
Min. Turning Radius(m) 2.20
Theoretical(km/h) Forward 1.12,1.49,2.89,4.81,5.79,7.74,14.96,24.94
Reverse 1.31,6.8
Engine Specifications Model KM380BT
Type 3-cylinder,Upright inline cylinder, radiator cooling,4-storke cycle,
12-hour Rated Power(kW/hp) 15.6/21.2
1-hour Rated Power(kW/hp) 18.0/24.5
Rated Speed(rpm) 2400
Bore ×Stroke(mm) 80×90
Total Displacement(L) 1.36
Drive System Clutch Single friction disc, dry and constant meshing
Gear Box (4+1)×2,planar 3-shaft for main transmission, epicyclic gearing for Hi-lo speed range-transmission 
Main Drive One Pair of Spiral Bevel Gears
Differential Bevel Gear
Differential Lock Jaw Lock
Final Transmissions Spur Gear, External Gearing
Traveling Mechanism Tire  Front 6.00-12(Herringbone Pattern)
Rear 9.5-24(Herringbone Pattern)
Steering Gear Spherical worm roller type 
Brake Sealed Shoe
Working Device Hydraulic System Lifting Capacity at 610 mm Behind Lift Point(N) 4230N
3-Point Suspension Category: 0
P.T.O. Shaft Rotating Speed(rpm) 540/730
Spline Size 6-ф35 Rectangular Spline

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EMAIL: mavis@fotma.com, fotmasale04@gmail.com
TEL:  86-27-67845266      
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ADD: No. 52 Guanggu Avenue, Hongshan, Wuhan, Hubei Province, P.R.China.
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