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FM3ZY Tyne Ridging Cultivator

1. It is used for ridge the plot;
2. Till the spacing before and initially after the crops spring up;
3. Less energy to cultivate a unit of area.
  • FM3ZY
As a new model developed , TS3ZY cultivator is suitable for field intertillage, subsoiling, weeding and ridging operations in the corn, cotton, beans and peas, and potato fields. The machine has the advantages of adjustable row pitch, and convenient switchover between subsoiling and ridging.

This type of tractor cultivator andridger used for ridge the plot, till the spacings before and initially after the crops spring up, The ridger with a harrow or a dressing unit operates on all mineral soils containing minimum rocks, with absolute humidity 13-20% for the layer 0…12 cm. The cultivator/ ridger shaped ridges with better physical properties on medium textured soil; however both drawn cultivators/ ridgers had greater work-rates, and also needed less energy to cultivate a unit of area. 

1. Heat treated, high carbon spring steel tines;
2. Multifunction, can achieve cultivation and ridge shaping at the same time;
3. The distance between rows are adjustable.
Model                                      TS3ZY-1.2 TS3ZY-2.0 TS3ZY-2.8
Working width(m) 1.2 2.0 2.8
No. of legs 2 3 4
Working depth(mm) 100~240 100~240 100~240
Row spacing(mm) 500~800 500~800 500~800
Total weight(kg) 150 210 290
Matched power(hp) 25 40 50-60

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