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Flail Mower

1. High strength mulching blades;
2. Belt driven;
3. Safety flaps to prevent debris being thrown.

1. Perfect for use after storm when debris is scattered throughout areas usually maintained with normal mowers;
2. Ideal for thick grass, sticks, undergrowth and light vine mulching;
3. Vegetable & pasture topping;
4. Roadside maintenance.

1. Cutting height controlled by adjustable skids;
2. High strength mulching blades;
3. Belt driven;
4. Safety flaps to prevent debris being thrown;
5. Extra strong and designed with safety in mind;
6. Support leg for storage;
7. Solid hitch;

Standard Flail Mower (Mulcher) Specifications
MODEL                                                            FL-100                                  FL-125                                    FL-150                                      FL-175                                    
CUTTING WIDTH 39"(1000mm) 49"(1250mm) 60"(1500mm) 69"(1750mm)
CUTTING HEIGHT 1"-6" 1"-6" 1"-6" 1"-6"
ROTOR DIAMETER 15" 15" 15" 15"
ROTOR SPEED 1780rpm 1780rpm 1780rpm 1780rpm
MACHINE WEIGHT 150kg 170kg 190kg 210kg
POWER REQUIRED 18-30hp 20-35hp 25-40hp 30-40hp

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