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Mist Sprayer

1. A wide variety of spraying applications;
2. Starting with the 200~1000L mounted machine;
3. Fitted with 6/10/12m spraying width.

We are offering a range of tractor mounted sprayers to suit a wide variety of spraying applications. Starting with the 200~1000L mounted machine with 6/10/12m spraying width, this is a heavy duty chassis but designed to be slim and keep the weight close to the rear of the tractor.

1. It is a 3-piont mounted sprayer;
2. High spraying pressure, adjustable angle, wide working area, good penetrating, long distance, fast wind speed;
3. Imported nozzles ensure uniform spraying;
4. Low energy consumption; ideal spraying effect.
Chemical tank capacity(L) 200-1000(optional)                       
Chemical tank material Polyethylene
Boom width(m) 6,10,12(optional)
Spraying volume of nozzle No. 12,20,24
Spraying angle Adjustable
Weight(kg) 80-400
Pump discharge(L/min) 105-125
Max rotation speed(rpm) 540
Max pump pressure(mpa) 1.5-2.0
Working pressure(mpa) 0.3-0.5
Matched power(hp) 15-100
Spraying volume Adjustable
Recommended working speed(km/h) 3-7
Mixture Circulation mixture


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