YTO-C802 Crawler Tractor
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YTO-C802 Crawler Tractor

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70-90HP Crawler Tractor
1. The 70-90HP crawler tractor is manufactured with fully enclosed cab. Heating system, air condition, and audio system are optional. Besides the broad vision, users can also enjoy the nice appearance and the comfortable operation.
2. For optimal trafficability and steering performance, this range of agricultural vehicle can be designed with rubber track. 
3. The utilization of hydraulic power steering gear greatly reduces driver’s labor intensity. 
4. To obtain good reliability, our rubber tracked crawler adopts simple beam structure for the final gear.
5. The new seal structure for the rear gear of our 70-90HP crawler tractor can reduce the steering oil intake.
6. The crawler tractor with cab adopts (4F+2R) sliding-gear transmission. The reasonable gear range makes it suitable for farmland and bulldozing.
7. Equipped with the diesel engine produced on the basis of British technology, our diesel crawler tractor is quite popular due to the large torque, powerful overload capacity, low fuel consumption, and environmental protection. 
Model C702-A C802 C902
70-90HP crawler tractor
Overall dimension (L×W×H) (mm)(with dozer blade) 4870×2462×2766
Overall dimension (L×W×H) (mm)(without dozer blade) 4466×1835×2766
Min. operating mass (kg) 6630 (with dozer blade) 6890 (without dozer blade)
Track gauge (mm) 1435
Length of contact face of tractor crawler(mm) 3000
Track shoe width (mm) 390
Ground pressure (kPa) 47.4 (with dozer blade) 49.2 (without dozer blade)
Diesel engine
Model LR4B3-22 LR4A3Z-22 LR6B5-22
Type In-line, water cooled, four stroke, supercharged In-line, water cooled, four stroke In-line, water cooled, four stroke
Rated power and rotating (kW/rpm) 51.5/2200 58.8/2200 66.2/2200
Gear shift (F/R) 4/2
Speed range (km/h)(F/R) 3.67-9.03/3.51-5.59
Power of PTO shaft (kW) 44 49 56
PTO rotating speed (rpm) 750
Clutch Double disc, single acting
Working device
Suspension type Rear-mounted two-point or three-point suspension (type II)
Plowing depth control method Height adjustable
Lifting force (KN) 14
Size of dozer blade (W×H)(mm) 2462×850
Embedded depth of dozer blade (mm) 290 


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